“Karkat Vantas to seal tank, please”
He groaned as his name blared over the intercom. He was the janitor at the local aquarium, which wasn’t someplace he’d expect himself to be, but it paid and he needed the job experience. Being fresh out of college, he desperately needed both of those. What he didn’t need was to be called to the seal tank three times a week.
He whelled his janitor cart down the halls behind the walls surrounding the tanks, trying to figure out what happened this time. They started fighting? One of them threw up? He could only guess why he was always the only ome called to the tanks.
Once he arrived, it was quiet. Too quiet, in fact. The faux ice was clean, so there was no vomit incident. Neither was their blood, so no fights. On fact, neither of the seals were there.
Gamzee, the smallest seal, caused the most trouble. He was definately entertaining, but he escapes from his enclosure far too often. Kurloz was very calm. He hardly made noises, and stared at people a lot. Kids dont like him. Grandy, the largest seal, was actualy a walrus who was found with the other two seals. He sleeps a lot. And is loud when awake. Not only does he have a big voice, but has big hair.
Karkat squinted at Grandy, clutching his mop. His fur was moving, but Grandy wasn’t. “Oh god damn it, again?!” He cursed under his breath, knowing exactly what happened. “You can’t watch where your fat ass rolls, can you? Its always on the fucking cubs.”
He put on a pair of rubber gloves, carefully opening the back panel that led inside the enclosure. He carefully walked towards the walrus, not wanting to wake him. He had a deadly temper when disturbed, so unless he wanted a tusk through his leg, he had to stay quiet. He crouched next to the large creature and carefuly dug through his hair. He esily managed to grab a flipper and tugged on it a little, and freed Kurloz. He stared intensely at Karkat, causing him to shiver a little. Creepy ass seal.
He dug around more and prodded a blubbery object. It squeaked in protest and Karkat made a hushing noise. “Shut up, im trying to help you.” He talked in a low tone, and began untangling Gamzee. Several tense seconds and the youngest pup was free.
He slowly stood up, but fell back once he realized Gamzee was laying in his lap, chirruping and making other noises of gratitude. “Yeah, yeah, okay, now get off me you fat lard.” He shimmied out from under the blob of living fat and headed towards the door.
“I don’t get paid enough for this.”

Hey~ will you do a aquariumstuck johnkat story?:3



That ending though.


“Alright everyone, I need you guys to turn off the flash on your cameras! No flash photography in the coming up session!” The guide called, clapping her hands to grab the chattering students’ attention. “Again, turn off the flash on your cameras and phones! If you don’t know how, come up here and your teacher and I will help you!”

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>I am not the best writer so please ignore my mess ups. 
> Aquariumstuck Belongs to Salihombox ( not me.
>Also trying doing different POVs in this one… not planning on doing it again…
> Im new to Aquariumstuck so if i messed something up please ignore it ok. 
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Aquariumstuck Fanfic
Story Wriiten by

Be Tybi ==== >

You walked into the Aquarium. It’s been years since you were last here. “Sis!” A little boy wearing glasses yelled excitedly as he runs to the fish tank. You smirk “Careful Lee no tapping the glass alright.” You said as you walk over to a tank and look at it. You sigh softly as you watch the fish swim around. You watched them for a while “Sis! This fish has glasses!” Lee said. You turn and smirk walking over “Wow there little man im sure your just imagi… the fuq?” you said looking at the little purple fish. The fish looked from your brother and glared at you. You made a face “sorry didn’t mean to invade your bubble little dude.” You said standing straight and putting your hands in your pockets. This little fish reminded you of something. Something from a long time ago. You winced and put your hand on your head. “LEE! TYBI” a voice yelled making you and your little bro turn. “NEPETA!” your little brother said running to the little girl with the cat hat on and hugging her. You smile and wave at Meulin. She smiled and walked over “This was awesome you bringing him here.” She said. You shrugged “Playdates a playdate.” You said. She nodded then she turned to the little ones “Ok guys lets go.” She said. Lee, and Nepeta cheered “Come on Lee Ill take you to see my friends!” she said pulling your brother past. You watched as she pulled him towards a restricted area “Wow kids wait up!” you said running after then you stop and see that the little fish with glasses was not in the tank. “w..weird.” you said then you went after them Meulin following close behind. 

You and Meulin get through the door and are stopped by security “Hold it right there.” The young woman wearing red glasses said. You groaned “Terezi we need to get past. Nepeta and Lee came through here.” MEulin said. The guard nodded you started to go past but she stopped you “Wow there sweet cheeks where you going?” she asked “To get my little brother before he messes something up.” You said. “Not happening you two do not have permission to come back here. Kanaya gave NEpeta permission though and her little friend looked like a good kid so.” She said. Your eyes widened you were about to give this chick a word or two. Meulin put her hand on your shoulder and escorted you out. “Wow wait MEulin we need to go back there.” You said. She didn’t respond just kept walking towards the front. What was going on your little bro is in a restricted area probably being fed to a shark. 

Be Lee ==== > 

Nepeta led you through the many tanks. “Wow…” you said looking at the tanks. A lot of them were empty you wondered what was kept in them. “Your going to love my friends Lee! There is Feferi, and Kurloz, and OH! You need to meet Equius he is so neat!” Nepeta kept going on and on. You were starting to wonder if these people she was mentioning were workers here. She pulled you past that security guard with just a wave. The guard acted like it was a normal thing. “Uh… ok. Will our sisters know where to find us?” you asked knowing Tybi would be pissed if she couldn’t get to you. “Yeah yeah fur sure fur sure. I got my phone so its all good.” Nepeta said as she stopped at a big tank. Your eyes widened at the sight of the size of the tank. What was kept in here? As soon as you thought that you see a pink tail then your eyes widen as a mermaid swims into view. Your jaw drops and NEpeta giggles “FEFERI!” she squeeled. The mermaid looked over and smiled then she pointed up. Nepeta nodded and grabbed your hand and lead you up stairs “W…what was that?” you asked. Nepeta giggled “A mermaid silly.” She said as you got to the top of the tank. Nepeta pulled you to the edge and sat down. You looked at her and she patted beside her. You sat beside her then the mermaid came out of the water and smiles “Nepeta! What a great surprise. Whose your friend?” she asked looking right at you. You blushed. This was a real life mermaid. “This is Lee. He goes to school with me. Hes my best friend.” Nepeta said giving the Mermaid a hug once she got to you two. Feferi smiled at Nepeta then at you “Hello Lee.” She said. You opened your mouth trying to say something then you closed it and waved making Feferi giggle “Your adorbubble” she said. Your blush had to be covering your whole face by now. Nepeta and Feferi were both giggling now “Nep…” you whimpered hiding your face. “Nepeta what are you doing here. Who is this?” a male voice asked. You looked up and saw a guy in a lab coat. “Oh hello Sollux. This is Lee. He is one of NEpetas school friends.” Feferi said. Sollux looked at you. You scooted closer to Nepeta. “Nepeta we cant have a lot of people knowing about the mertrolls you know this.” He said. Nepeta nodded “I know and he wont tell anyone. He keeps the best secrets.” She said smiling at the guy. Sollux raised an eye brow “Does he now.” He said. Nepeta nodded. “Very well… Would you two like to join me on my rounds?” He asked. Nepeta nodded and got up. You looked at her then stood up yourself. Sollux turned and started walking away. “Later Feferi!” Nepeta said waving. Feferi giggled and waved “Later you two behave.” She said You smiled and waved to her then you followed Nepeta and Sollux. 

Be the highly annoyed older sister  ==== >

You growl as Meulin talks to the tour guide woman. “Well Terezi is doing her job.” The woman said. You turn “Excuse me she let two kids under double digits in the back.” You said leaning on the counter. The woman looked at you oddily. “Do I know you?” she asked. You shook your head “Don’t think so.” You said moving your hair to cover your scar you got when you were a kid. The woman looked at you closer “Did you come here when you were younger?” she asked. You looked away “Lots of people come to the aquarium.” You said. She looked at you then she smiled “I remember you now. You were the little girl who was found in the back from that field trip group! You hit your head on … one of the tanks.” She said. You looked at her she didn’t look that old “How?” you asked “It was my first day working here.” She said smiling. You look at her she did look familiar. “so… does this mean youll help me get my little bro and Meulins sis out from the back?” you asked. She bit he bottom lip then she pulled a walkie out “Kanaya come watch the front desk.” She said. You smirked then looked at Meulin who was smiling. 


Porrim, aka the tour guide chick, walked you and Meulin to the back. “So who would Nepeta take Lee to see first?” Porrim asked herself. You looked around. “wow…” you said winceing and rubbing your head. Meulin looked at you worried “are you alright?” she asked you nodded softly. She nodded and looked at Porrim who was naming off all the mertrolls that she knew Nepeta loved to visit. You turned and looked at a tank and saw what looked like a violet manta ray tail. You walked over to the tank and looked at the tank. “Hey did you two se…” you said turning to see they left you. Your jawdropped. You were lost the tour guide just left you… this was crap! There was a tap on the glass behind you you turned and jumped. Staring at you was a violet something…. Kinda looked like a manta ray, but not really. Your head started to hurt. You grabbed your head. 


You were 7, and you were being picked on by some bullies in your class. You ran off from the group as they were eating lunch. You found a door opened and you ran in. You hid by a big tank and covered your head wishing they would leave. You hear the voices of your classmates and start to shake. “Maybe she went this way.” One said. “no no don’t find me please don’t find me.” You whispered. Why were they picking on you anyways you did nothing to them. You hear something behind you and you turn and gasp. There was a creature that looked like a manta ray but not like one. He looked at you with his violet eyes. You stood up and smiled at him. You noticed he was hurt and you frowned. He looked at you then at his stitched up wounds  then he smiled at you. You smiled at him and softly put your hand on the glass. He smiled then he looked behind you confused. You turned to see the bullies had found you. You whimpered “Hey dork what you doing here?” one that was bigger than you asked. You looked around you were blocked then you turned and saw your friend was gone. “where…” you asked but you were pushed and hit your head. You blacked out. 

>flash back over< 

Your eyes widen and you look at the manta ray thing infront of you. He was different. Not like the one you saw years ago. He looked at you confused. You quickly turned then looked back at him “What are you?” you asked. He smiled at you. “There you are. Cronus being nice?” a familiar voice asked. You turned and saw Porrim and Meulin coming over to you. “Cronus…” you said. Porrim nodded and walked over to the tank and smirked at cronus who was giving you a flirty smile. You blushed and looked at Porrim “Um… how long has he been here?” you asked “Oh not that long. He and two others like him were found and brought here.” She said “oh… so its not him.” You said softly. Porrim looked at you then she smiled “Tybi let me show you something.” She said taking your hand. 

Be the little brother who is in BIG trouble ==== >

You laugh and watch the walruses play. Nepeta claps “YAY KURLOZ! YAY GAMZEE!” she cheered. The walruses looked over and honked at her. Sollux looked over from the penguin he was looking at and rolled his eyes “Why do they have horns?” you asked. “Cause they are special.” Nepeta giggled. You nodded then you noticed one of the Walruses made his way to you and Nepeta. She giggled “Kurloz!” she said giving him a hug. He pulled back and looked around “Meulin isnt with us. We… kinda left her and Lees sister behind…. OH! This is my friend Lee. Lee this is Kurloz!” she said. Kurloz looked at you and smiled. Your eyes widened. The walrus was smiling at you. “Ok you two lets go check on Equius and Horuss.” Sollux said. Nepeta cheered “YAY! Bye Kurloz” she said waving as she grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the Walrus. You had seen all sorts of stuff. Sollux took you to a lab where this guy named Mituna took some of your hair. You saw this cool looking Water spider lady, and you walked past Feferis tank at least twice waving to her each time. Man Feferi is probably the prettiest mermaid you ever saw. Prettier than Ariel… well in your opinion anyways. “Equius!” Nepeta giggled and hurried over to a Dugong. “Wow!” you said hurrying after her. Nepeta got to the edge of the pool. The dugong turned and saw her and swam over. “Dude hes wearing shades!” you said laughing. Nepeta nodded “I know. Hey Equius come closer let me take off your glasses so Lee can see you.” She said. The dugong looked at her then at you. “Aw come on Equius~. This is my friend from school Lee. Your my friend from here I want you both to be friends.” She said. The dugong looked at her again then swam over. She smiled and took the glasses off and put them on herself. You gasped as he changed “DUDE!” you yelled. The dugong looked at you “You are so cool!” you said. Equius raised and eyebrow then he looked at Nepeta. She giggled not taking the glasses off. Equius rolled his eyes. You looked past him and saw another Dugong watching that must be Horuss. Nepeta giggled you turned and saw she was hugging Equius. You smiled happy to have such a cool friend who was sharing probably her biggest secret with you. 

Be the oh so curious Tybi ==== >

You followed Porrim into what looked like a vet clinic. Your eyes widened when you saw the glasses wearing fish glaring at you from a tank. Howd he get here…. Was there more than one of him? “Tybi…” Porrim said. You looked over at her she smiled and looked at the tank behind her. You gasped. Sitting there looking at you confused was… was the manta ray thing from when you were a kid. You hurried to the tank and looked at him. “This is Dualscar. He is one of the Mertrolls that we have here. When you came over the first time. Mr. Vantas, and Dr. Captor found you knocked out in front of his tank.” She said. Dualscar looked at her then he looked at you and smirked remembering you. “He sure is big.” You heard Meulin say. Dualscar touched the glass and you put your hand on the other side just like when you were younger. HE smiled. You looked him over and saw stitches and frowned “How come hes hurt… He was hurt last time also.” You said looking at porrim. “Well… The first time he washed up to shore and was found and brought to get fixed. This time Kankri found him with Cronus and Erifish in a poachers ship.” She said. You looked at him your eyes were starting to water. Dualscar frowned then he swam up and leaned over the side of the tank “Come now lass don’t cry.” He said. You gasp and take a step back. Porrim giggled “He talks!” you squeaked making Dualscar chuckle then he held his side. “Poor guy.” Meulin said. Dualscar looked at you and smiled. “You’ve grown up into a fine looking lass.” He said you blushed. Was the manta ray man flirting with you. “um… thank you…” you said making him chuckle softly “I was a bit worried about you. When that one pushed you and you didn’t move I scared them off then  Vantas, and Captor showed up. No one told me anything about how you were…” he said. “I couldn’t remember anything… literally until I saw Cronus out there.” You said. Dualscar frowned and looked at you confused. You sighed and moved your hair back revealing a scar. He sighed then he went back in the water. You let your hair fall and you touched the glass again. He smirked and touched the glass. 
“SIS!” you heard and turned. Lee ran up to you and hugged you tight. You hugged him letting out a sigh of relief “Thank gog you weren’t eaten by sharks.” You said. “No but we did play with a Dugong, and I saw a mermaid! She was real pretty sis. You have to see her before we leave. Her name is Feferi!” Lee said. You nodded “Ok ok if Miss Porrim says its ok.” You said. “Porrim who is this?” the guy who walked in with Nepeta and Lee asked “Oh this is Tybi. She is Lees older sister.” Porrim said. You picked Lee up and looked at the guy “Thanks for watching out for him.” You said. The guy shrugged. 


Porrim showed you all around to the different Mertrolls, and explained to you about them. You promised that you wouldn’t tell anyone about them, and would do what you could to make sure that Lee didn’t also. 

Porrim stops infront of Cronus tank. “Im sure youd like to say goodbye to cronus.” She said. You looked and saw cronus smiling at you. You smiled and waved to Cronus who winked at you. “Hey sis hes just like the big one in Solluxs office.” Lee said. You smiled and nodded to Lee. “He sure is isn’t he.” You said. Lee smiled at you then at Cronus. Cronus swam around for Lee making him giggle. Cronus chuckled and swam up. Lee let go of your hand and he and Nepeta ran to a ladder and climbed up it. “Wow guys what are you two doing?” you asked following. Meulin and Porrim followed you. You all got up and saw Cronus talking to the little ones. “You’ll come back and see me again right chief?” he asked Lee nodded. Cronus chuckled then he messed with your brothers hair making him laugh. “Ok Cronus its time for them to leave.” Porrim said. Cronus pouted “Come on, Por.” he said then he saw you and smiled. You blushed softly “We’d like to stay longer but you know got to go home for supper and stuff.” You said. “that’s ok kitten.” He said swimming over to you. “Chief over there said hed come back which means you’ll be coming with him right?” he asked. You sighed “Probably not I have to find a job and all that other fun stuff…” you said looking at your feet. Porrim looked at you and smirked. Cronus frowned “oh…” he said. Lee and Nepeta crawled over and hugged him making him smirk as he hugged back. You looked at them and smiled pulling your phone out and taking their picture. Meulin did the same.

(timeskip ~ AGAIN~ ) 

You got to the front. “Shew.. dude bro you smell.” You said. Lee laughed “Your getting a bath as soon as we get home moms going to flip.” You said. “Tybi…” Porrim said. You turned and looked at her “Yeah Porrim.” You said. She smiled “um… we have some odd jobs that need done around here if youd like to come and apply here.” She said. You thought about it biting your bottom lip. “You should do it! I can watch lee while you work and youll get to see Cronus and them.” Meulin said. You smiled at her and nodded. “Ok.” You said then you nodded to Porrim “I’ll come by tomorrow and fill out the forms.” You said. She  nodded “Sounds good.” she said then you four left. 

(timeskip - Couple weeks)

You were helping Karkat with cleaning up a mess that the mertrolls made. “Who’d a think such a little guy could make a big splash.” You said. “Hes not so little once he gets dry.” Karkat said. You heard singing and looked up and smiled. Cronus was smiling at you and watching. Karkat looked over “What you looking at fishface! Do swim or something!” he yelled. Cronus chuckled and went back under water. You giggled and went back to cleaning. You really liked this job. Maybe you could study to become something that could help out the aquarium when you graduate after next year. 

(a/n – I hope you all like this I wrote it for the awesome person in charge of the existence of Aquariumstuck. The beautiful and talented Salihombox ( ). She is so awesome she drew my godkid a picture for his bday when Angel couldn’t take him to the Aquarium for his bday. Thanks a bunch Salihombox! )

MA: become a tiny Aquariumstuck erifish


==> become tiny, and a baby sea pancake. 

You flop the floor pitifully, all tiny and sea pancake-y. You don’t really have hands, and feets are totally out of the question, but you’ve got some fancy back decorations.. that are disgustingly cute and tiny. You squeak pitifully, apparently being capable of squeaking only. 


I heavily edited my first Aquariumstuck fanfic chapter and I’ll probably update soon so it is, new and improved!

This is based off a popular AU known as aquariumstuck where some of the characters are creatures in an aquatic zoo such as mermaids, fish, walruses; all other characters are human. Though this makes sense without it, I highly recommend you take a look at the original aquariumstuck first because things will be clearer that way so go to salihombox .tumblr .com (don’t worry it’s sfw). However I have altered the story and characters quite a bit. This is from Tavros’ s point of view for now. He works at a local aquarium on a tropical island, though I have yet to decide which island. Suggestions would be nice!

You are nervous today. You aren’t sure exactly why; a sunset walk along the seashore normally helps calm your frazzled nerves, but today something just feels…off about your surroundings, and it puts you even more on edge.

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Your name is Crowbar and your currently asleep. But you wish you weren’t because your having the dream again. You know the one, the dream about the day you lost your first teammate, the woman you love and what little happiness you had left. Oh what pain that day cost you, though you remember it so…

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Headcanon #19


Fanfic time! Pbj homestuck. 

This based off a popular AU known as aquariumstuck where some of the characters are creatures in a aquatic zoo such as mermaids, fish, walruses, and all the other characters are humans. Though this makes sense without it I highly recommend you take a look at the original aquariumstuck first because things will be clearer that way so go to However I have altered the story and characters quite a bit. This is from Tavros’ s point of view for now. He works at a local aquarium on a tropical island, though I have yet to decide which island. Suggestions would be nice!

You are nervous today. You aren’t sure exactly why; a sunset walk along the seashore normally helps calm your nerves, but today something just feels…off about your surroundings, and it puts you even more on edge.

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